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One of our brands is also Violeta. The history of the company began in 2001 at a time when there was a shortage of hygienic products while in 2002 it produced the first aromatic printed toilet paper in the region with several features such as: cleansing power, softness and three-layer coating.

Violeta Vesh To Go

Violeta Sensitive

Violeta Premium

Violeta Original

Violeta Classic

Violeta Double Care

Violeta Antibacterial

Violeta Cotton

Violeta Family Pack

Violeta 2in1

Teta Violeta

Vesh White Power Gel

Double Care Water Care

Violeta Nature Touch

Violeta Classic Pocket Tissue

Violeta Double Care

Teta Violeta Supersoft

Teta Violeta Kitchen Towels

Teta Violeta XXL rola

Violeta Economy Kitchen Towels