Brand distributor

Swisslion Group

Swisslion was founded in 1997, it represents one of the leading companies in the Balkans with manufacturing units in Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and Switzerland with over 7000 employees. Swisslion Takovo's portfolio includes confectionery, baby food, alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, soups, pasta, ice cream and processed meat products.

Eurocrem Flower Cake 140g

Eurowafel cube 200g

Linea Wafel Choco 160g

HELLO Salty Sticks 50g

Eurovafel Choco 45g

Mini Softy Orange Biscuit 125g

HELLO Salty Sticks 200g

Choco Biscuit 35g

Honey Biscuit Apricot 150g

Choco Banana 252g

Choco Biscuit 125g

Yoyo Chocolate with Rice 150g

Petit Beurre Classic 600g

Isleri with Eurocrem 125g

Eurocrem Cinija 300g

Griski Sticks with peanut filling 200g

Eurobiscuit 125g

Bevita Crumbled Biscuit 300g

Love You Eurocrem Dessert 160g

Ressana Biscuit mix 375g