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Mlekarna Celeia D.o.o

Mlekerna Celeia is a company with 70 years of experience, which produces dairy products, directly from Slovenian farms. Some of the products it produces are: yogurt and bread cream but with a wide variety of choices. The peculiarity of these products is that they are all lactose free and without added sugar.

Mladi Kajmak 150g

Trapist 2500g

Jogurt 180g

Milk Mleko 1l

Oki Doki 120g

Gouda in slices 150g

Edamec 2500g

Jogurt 500g

Blueberry fruit yogurt 150g

Edam in one piece 300g

Fruit liquid blueberry yogurt 500g

Edam in slices 150g

LCA liquid yogurt apple and banana 500g

Milk queen milk pear yoghurt 500g

Trappist in one piece 300g

Yogurt with Vanilla and lined Apricots 150g

SUPER Peach fruit yogurt 150g

Light solid yoghurt 180g