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Kandia Dulce

In 1890 Kandia Dulce began producing the first milk chocolate in Romania. Today after 130 years, Kandia Dulce is the largest confectionery manufacturer, with a diversified portfolio of brands present in product categories such as chocolates, cakes, biscuits and sugar products.cts.

Kandia Assorted Pralines

Kandia Chocolate Cocoa

Laura Candies filled with caramel cream

Primrose – Praline Strawberries and Fresh

Kandia Chocolate Pralines

Primrose Assorted Pralines

Kandia Chocolate

Anidor Cocoa Dark chocolate

Laura Milk and Apricot chocolate

Primrose Raspberry and Fresh

Silvana Fruit Candy

Anidor dark chocolate with orange peel

Primrose Tiramisu

Silvana Milk drops

Primola Hazelnuts & Peanuts

Primrose Cognac and Chocolate Pralines

Laura Milk and cherry chocolate

Laura Assorted candies

Kandia Bitter Chocolate cocoa

Anidor Cocoa Bitter chocolate