Brand distributor

Bogutti sp Z.o.o.Z

In addition to producing under its own brands such as La Gustosa, Choco Gutti, TweeTT, Choco-Fit, Boguti is also an important contract supplier for major retail chains in Poland, Europe, America, Asia and South Africa.

American Coockies 135g

Butter Cookies 400g

Choco Fit 135g

La Gustosa 150g

Milk Fudges 200g

Crunchy cookies 400g

NEXT Butter Cookies 135g

Crunchy Cookies with Hazelnut cream 150g

Crunchy Cookies 400g

FREE Cookies with Peanuts 135 g

Chocolate Chips & Huzelnut cream 400g

Choco GuTTi 160g

Bogguti Next 135g

Choco Fudges

Free Cokies 135g

Choko FIT 40g

Cocco Tweet 150g

La Gustosa 150g

Choco Fit 135g

Choco Gutti with orange 160g