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Dogtat includes a wide and delicious range of natural products which are exported to more than 55 countries around the world. The products that Dogtat offers are divided into the following categories: jam, halva, hazelnut creams, special creams and pastries.

Cocoa Tahini Halva 700gr

Cherry Jam 800gr

Cocoa Hazelnut Cream Snacks 55g

Peanut Butter 350gr

Apricot Jam 380gr

Peanut Butter Snacks 55gr

Cocoa Hazelnut Cream Tube 22gr

Strawberry Jam 900gr

Gurmex Cocoa Hazelnut Cream 500gr

Hazelnut Cream with Milk and Cocoa 350gr

Blackberry Jam 300gr

Fig Jam 360gr

Gurmex Cocoa Hazelnut Cream 450gr

Hazelnut Cream Sticks Heart Shape 40g

Hazelnut Cream With Strawberry And Cocoa 350gr

Rose Jam 380gr