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Delamaris offers fish products made from all-natural ingredients. More than 140 years of experience combined with modern and environmentally friendly technology has enabled Delamaris to offer completely natural products without additives. All fish products are gluten free and represent a natural source of calcium and omega-3 fatty acids.

Sardines with lemon 90g

Turistic Spicy 95g

Delamaris Pikant 125g

Tuna Steak 2x80g

Delamaris Spicy Sardines 90g

Delamaris Sardines in vegetable oil 90g

Delamaris Tuna Mexicana 105g

Delamaris Tuna Mediterana 105g

Delamaris Mackerel Fillets in vegetable oil 125g

Delamaris Mackerel Fillets in Mediterranean oil 125g

Delamaris Provencale 125g

Delamaris Picnic 125g